About Us

About Us

Our experienced team at Reno Builders are here to support you in creating your dream home. From recladding and updating your bathroom to building a brand new room, you maintain control of the look and feel and we work with you to achieve your vision to budget, without cutting corners.

You can trust us to communicate with you throughout the process so once we’re finished, you are left with a home that is more liveable and even more valuable.

“I enjoy our work because we provide clients with improved liveabilty, healthier homes and they have a new asset worth more than we earned improving it.” – Hayden Searle, Reno Builders owner and client contact.

Who Are We?

We’re a privately owned residential renovation business specialising in home alterations and additions. We’re not a licensee or franchisee of another faceless entity, we’re a local team of skilled individuals who love the industry and are committed to delivering a great value result you can be proud of.

How Are We Different?

Your renovation is about you, your family and your home. At Reno Builders we listen first and work with you to provide great design solutions that match your priorities with your budget. We are the builders and we manage the project for you, providing a live tracking service that allows you to communicate directly with both the site and office teams and stay in control of all aspects of your build from product selection to design and approvals.

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Just complete this form or call us on 09 441 4242 to start making your dream come true.

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