House Lifting & Levelling

Want To Improve Your Building?

House lifting and levelling your home or building can be a viable way to improve it: prevent flooding, add a story, add head room in a basement, or increase space. Reno Builders are renovation experts and this is one way we can help improve your home and space. Our process is a full start to finish service. From design through construction to final council sign off. The new area can be made to fit seamlessly with the original building. The design is dependent on what you want the extension to look like. Complimentary or architecturally quite different depending on your preference.

Lift your home and build a level underneath

If you want to add a story to your house, and don’t need to spend time and money removing and rebuilding a good roof. Lifting might be a good option for you. We can elevate the existing structure to just above the new desired height. A new floor system is then built possibly even on the existing foundations. Exterior frame walls are set in place. Once all the bearing points are in place we set the house onto the newly-constructed first floor.

Add head room to your basement

If your basement has a low ceiling, or it’s just a partial basement or a crawlspace, we could either raise the house or excavate the basement floor. With the first option, we raise your house to a height that gives you the desired head room. With option two, we support your house right where it is and excavate below it.

There are town planning constraints to how high a building can be lifted. Known as the building envelope. How these constraints affect you, your building and your site are understood in the concept design stage prepared by the architect. We can provide contacts for experienced architects to draw all the documentation required for council and then construction. If you already have an architect we can work with them too. Reno Builders have the insurance required for this work to be undertaken. Our role is to help you from design right through to council sign off. Our construction team will be on site supported by a dedicated and skilled group of subtrades to ensure a quality job.

Reno Builders offers a full service from design, council requirements and including all of the subtrades to make your project a success. The full process has many steps and not all of them may be required. You will remain in control to ensure you are getting outcomes that you prefer.

Another Happy Client

We were preparing our Remuera home for sale. There were a lot of unfinished details that were required to be finished for both council compliance and for maximising the value of the home.

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We had quotes from other builders but none provided us with the same level of professionalism and assurance.

Angela Bush, Takapuna

Reno Builders were among half a dozen builders we contacted… the final product exceeded our expectations.

Russ Bowler, Northcote Point

We are very happy that we contacted Hayden. His team is experienced, always on time & do the job to a very high standard.

Anno Gao, Mairangi Bay



With our knowledge and your needs, we’ll ensure your renovation is ergonomically designed uniquely to you.


An extension rewards you with better natural light, maximised space and storage and more liveability.


Recladding adds value to your property, improves the aesthetic appearance and alleviates dampness and mould, meaning a safer home environment.


There are some very cost effective ways to keep your building dry, easier to warm and your family healthier.

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