The Process

Sit down with Reno Builders boss Hayden to chat about your vision for your dream home. If you want a hammock installed in the living room, no problem! Together we’ll refine your ideas to create an achievable home renovation plan.

The crucial stage of any home renovation is the design process. The team at Reno Builders will create a plan that will cater to your needs, budget and timeframe through a detailed and well thought out design process.

Our team will crunch numbers and come back to you with a price you’ll be more than happy with. After all, this is your home that you’re investing in and we want you to achieve the best value result for the price you pay.

Pack up the kids and cats and take a holiday or visit the relatives. Our experienced builders will be drilling, hammering and improving your home.

Your home gets the seal of approval due to your well thought out design and our structurally sound quality work.

Happy customer
Welcome to your new home! You now have a reason to pop the champagne and show off your dream home to your friends and family.

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