Livability improvements with a major structural upgrade

Livability improvements with a major structural upgrade

Project brief:

George and Blanche had very clear ideas on what needed to be achieved. A capable and experienced renovation team was required to secure and improve the family home. George is an experienced engineer who put Reno Builders through thorough due diligence. The family home Reno Builders have helped George and Blanche create is a great improvement. Creating a more comfortable place to live and a greatly more valuable asset. It was a pleasure to work with the Farmer family on their project.

  • Keep the family & possessions safe while they live on-site
  • Safely deconstruct the existing building to enable improvements
  • Lift and level the existing building
  • Install 5m deep new piles and steel filled bond beams to secure the existing home and addition in a steep location.
  • Deal with asbestos cladding safely
  • Install retaining walls, waterproofing and insulation
  • Construct new rooms including living room and bathroom. Extend the living space.
  • Install a new membrane roof below a new deck
  • Build extensive great new tree top decks
  • Create access with sweeping exterior stairs.
  • Improve interior open plan living in the living, dining and kitchen area.
  • Manage the council throughout the build process
  • Keep the family & possessions safe while they live on-site!

Client Feedback:

We can recommend Reno Builders without reservation. Our house was damaged during a landslip and civil work had to be carried out before the house could be fixed.  Living in a damaged house for almost two years was extremely difficult for our family and we consider ourselves lucky that we came across Reno Builders
Right from the start Reno Builders listened to and responded honestly to our requests. They provided us with an accurate and detailed quote and time line and never made promises which they couldn’t keep. We lived in the house while renovations were underway and in spite of this, the team was a pleasure to have around. They were always considerate and we never felt as if they invaded our privacy.
The excavation and building work was carried out to a high standard. Hayden communicated very well and provided us with regular progress reports.  In spite of the renovation being carried out through a wet winter it was completed within a few days of the estimated time line.
Reno Builders team did an excellent job and supported us through the CCC process right up to the final inspection. We are very happy with our beautiful home and if you are considering a renovation, you are welcome to come over to our place and see what Reno Builders have accomplished here

George Farmer

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